The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS), as initial founder of ILMAC in 1956, is partnering with Messe Schweiz to provide a unique platform for the process and laboratory community in Switzerland and the near abroad. At ILMAC 2019 SCS brings together industrial, academic and government decision makers and provides platforms for knowledge exchange and networking. One of these platforms is the both of SCS in hall 1.1. On more than 130m2 SCS and its partners show latest trends and developments in the field of Green & Sustainable Chemistry. 

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) Project exhibition

The three UAS, HEIA-FR, FHNW and ZHAW, will show successful projects that they realized with industrial partners.

Methanogenesis - A microbial alternative to catalytic methanation
Judith Krautwald, Urs Baier, Florian Rüsch, Rolf Warthmann; ZHAW Wädenswil

C-C cross-coupling catalysts – from design to application
Christian M. Frech Nabold, Jeanne L. Bolliger, Roman Gerber, Miriam Oberholzer; ZHAW Wädenswil

On-line Monitoring Strategies in Cyanobacteria Large-scale Cultivations for PHB Production
Roberta Carpine, Domink Refardt, Sophia Egloff, Lukas Neutsch; ZHAW Wädenswil

Competence Center for Biocatalysis – CAS Biocatalysis
Katrin Hecht, David Aregger, Rebecca Buller; ZHAW Wädenswil

Engineered Nanobiocatalysts for Greener Processes
Patrick Shahgaldian, Philippe Corvini, Carolina Giunta, Manon Briand, Jenny Sahlin; FHNW Muttenz

Development of a silver containing catalyst for gas treatment
O. Scheuber, C. Redard –Jacot, J.-B. Sauv, Uwe Pieles; FHNW Muttenz

Nanofiltration membranes applied to recover phosphorus recovery from various waste streams.
Kirsten Remmen, Nadja Rastetter, Thomas Wintgens; FHNW Muttenz

In-situ extraction of carboxylic acids out of fermentations broths using membrane contactors: A more sustainable pathway to platform chemicals Florian
Burgener, Angelo Gössi, David Kohler, Wolfgang Riedl, Boelo Schuur; FHNW Muttenz

Study on the inhibition of the crystallization of potassium hydrogen tartrate by the addition of carboxymethylcellulose in oenological condition
Benoit Bach, Anne-Claire Silvestri, Julien Ducruet, Massimo Varisco, Alexandre de Lambert de Boisjan et Christophe Allemann, HEIA Fribourg

CO2 capture by Ionic Liquids and its subsequent conversion to methanol
Pauline Sanglard, Frank Rogano, Olivier Vorlet, Roger Marti, Ennio Vanoli, HEIA Fribourg

PLA synthesis by reactive extrusion
Pauline Sanglard, Veton Sadiku, Roger Marti, Ennio Vanoli, HEIA Fribourg

Exhaust air cleaning system from corn stover for reducing ammonia emissions from livestock housing
Olivier Vorlet, Marc Emery, Yvan Mongbanziama, Stefan Grass, HEIA Fribourg

Society Village

Sub booths of SCS and the following partners will provide information about their offers and activities: