Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Prof. John Warner, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (USA)
«Green Chemistry: The Molecular Mechanisms of Sustainability and Innovation»


Prof. Matthias Beller, University of Rostock (GER)
«Precious Catalysis with Non-Noble Metal Catalysts»


Prof. Rebecca Buller, ZHAW Wädenswil
«Harnessing Nature: Biocatalysis for Industrial Applications»


Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher, EPFL Lausanne
«Renewable Chemicals from Plants»


Dr. Benjamin Martin, Novartis Pharma AG
«Continuous Manufacturing as an Enabling Tool with Green Credentials in Early-Phase Pharmaceutical Chemistry»


Lunch, Networking

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After the symposium we will publish webcast videos of the five lectures (provided by Klewel)

ILMAC and the ILMAC Forum provide the opportunity to exhibitors to present their products and services to a broad audience.

The presentations focus on the scientific innovation with links to more efficient and sustainable procedures and workflows in the chemical and pharmaceutical community or the biotech sector.

Program Wednesday, 25.09.2019 - Topic: Lab automation, big data, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence

13.30 Skan AG, Matthias Bittner
«High purity level through short decontamination»
14.00 Endress+Hauser, Rüdiger Settelmeyer, Verkaufsingenieur Aussendienst (Endress+Hauser)
«Netilion - IIoT Eco System von Endress+Hauser»
14.15 CRB Group GmbH,Nicolas Lehle
«Try Before You Buy – Simulation for Cell and Gene Therapy Facilities»
14.30 SLIMS by Genohm, a part of Agilent, Jean-Guillaume Baumann
«Introduction in computerized management of analytical labs»
14.45 TSI Incorporated, Simon Tebb
«Pharma 4.0 and Facility Monitoring»
15.00 VTU Engineering Schweiz, Stefan Pauli
«How Data Analytics Supports an Efficient Production»
15.15 Waters AG, Dr Guillaume Béchade
«Making Liquid Chromatography and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) Smarter for Biopharma»
15.30 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jens Niklas
«The Connected Lab – How digital transformation is changing the way we do science»
15.45 Yokogawa Deutschland GmbH, Fatma Evren
«Security and safety – an inseparable pair»


This new platform under the umbrella of SCS will bring together Women in chemistry in Switzerland and provides network opportunities and possibilities for scientific exchange.

Senior executives, junior scientists and all level in-between are welcome to join. The network is open to all female researchers in the field of chemistry, life science and biotech from academia, industry and government.

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Career Women in Chemistry presentations:
Dr. Maria Inès Velazco, Consultant at MIV Senses, former SVP R&D at Firmenich
Dr. Leslie A. Fendt, AI integrated Strategy Leader, Global Launch Leader, Ulcerative Colitis at Hoffmann-La Roche


Gala Night

Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Rachel Hevey, University of Basel
  • Prof. Rebecca Buller, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • Dr. Maud Reiter, Firmenich SA


Platform where exhibitors meet partners, customers, friends. The event takes place next to the ILMAC Forum.

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Time Exhibitor Booth No Activity
09:00 Swiss Chemical Society A92

Morning coffee and wake-up chat

10:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Increased health and wellbeing with Human Centric Lighting in the laboratory

10:30 VTU Engineering Schweiz AG C233

Software Live Presentation: Efficient Risk Management with REXS

11:00 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

11:00 Beratherm AG C122

Product Show

11:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Innovative biometric security solution



Verbindungstechnik AG



In-booth drinks with Connectors Verbindungstechnik AG


13:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Accelerate research efficiency with manufacturing execution Systems (MES)

13:30 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

14:00 BWT AQUA AG C142

Live Demonstration AQU@Sense

14:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Desigo CC - the comprehensive management station for all laboratory disciplines

15:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Real flexible Laboratory concepts with plug&play utilities

15:30 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

16:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: LabHub - the unique dashboard for all laboratory KPIs

17:00 Agilent E231

In-booth drinks with the Agilent team


BGB Analytik AG


BGB Live Jazz Event




Happy Hour: discover Siemens' cocktail creations with and without alcohol and fetch your personal drinking vessel