Thursday, September 26, 2019


Prof. James Clark, University of York (UK)
«Setting the Scene, the 12 Principles of G&SC»


Dr. Georg Wuitschik, F. Hoffmann- La Roche AG
«ChemPager: Greener Processes through Data Analysis»


Dr. Martin Vollmer, Clariant
«Sustainability fuels Innovation»


Dr. Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, Dow Olympics
«Sustainability Application concepts»


Hazal Ustundag George / Dr. Gilles Oddon, Firmenich SA
«Firmenich EcoScent Compass™: First Holistic Fragrance Sustainability Measurement»


 Lunch, Networking

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After the symposium we will publish webcast videos of the five lectures (provided by Klewel)

ILMAC and the ILMAC Forum provide the opportunity to exhibitors to present their products and services to a broad audience.

The presentations focus on the scientific innovation with links to more efficient and sustainable procedures and workflows in the chemical and pharmaceutical community or the biotech sector.

Program Thursday, 26.09.2019 - Topic: Resource efficiency (reduce of energy, feedstock, solvents, CO2, waste) and lab safety

13.30 Skan AG, Matthias Bittner
«High purity level through short decontamination»
14.00 Endress+Hauser, Rüdiger Settelmeyer, Verkaufsingenieur Aussendienst (Endress+Hauser)
«Netilion - IIoT Eco System von Endress+Hauser»
14.15 Metrohm Schweiz AG, Markus Läubli
«Metrohm's way to green Professional IC»
14.30 BWT AQUA AG, Marcel Zehnder
«Osmotron WFI, Kosteneinsparung und Schonung der Umwelt»
14.45 Textilcolor AG, Detlef Fischer
«ecodye - The economically and ecologically best PES dyeing process»
15.00 CBRE GWS GmbH, Lukas Beckmann, Sven Wentzien
«Practical report on different derouging methods to support customer`s environmental goals of a greener and more sustainable process including a minimized chemistry usage»
15.15 Pall International Sàrl, Emmanuelle Cameau
«Industrialization of Gene Therapy Products using Pall’s iCELLis Single-Use Bioreactor»
15.30 Siemens Schweiz AG, Jens Feddern
«The future of Laboratory Infrastructure»


16:00 Introduction Lecture: «From Lab to large Scale – Industrial Biocatalysis from an SIBC Perspective»
          Dr. Hans-Peter Meyer, HES-SO Valais-Wallis; Dr. Steven Hanlon, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

16:30 Meet experts, potential partners and friends from industry academia and government and find solutions for current and future challenges:

Topics of the roundtables:

  • Renewable feedstock: can we move away from petrochemicals?
    Experts: Martin Vollmer (Clariant), Jeremy Luterbacher (EPFL Lausanne) and James Clark, (University of York)
  • Chemo and Biocatalysis: how do we get the best out of the two worlds? 
    Experts: Rebecca Buller (ZHAW Wädenswil ) and Hans-Peter Meyer (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), Christophe Copéret (ETHZ)
  • Big data and AI: What is the impact of the digital revolution on process control and process optimization?
    Experts: Georg Wuitschik (Roche), Torsten Lutsch (Syngenta) and Benjamin Martin (Novartis)
  • Environmental Sciences: Can environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology research contribute to designing green chemicals?
    Experts: Kathrin Fenner (Eawag Dübendorf, University of Zürich), Francis Pilloud (Syngenta), Stefan Höger, Innovative Environmental Services (IES) Ltd.
  • Technology Platforms and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): What role do Technology Platforms like SusChem Switzerland, innoSuisse and industrial CSR platforms play in driving sustainability related project?
    Experts: Greet van Eetwelde (INEOS), Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat (Firmenich), Edouard Godineau (Syngenta and SusChem.CH), Nicolas Martin (Innosuisse)

The evening will bring together decision makers in the field of Green & Sustainable Chemistry and is the official annual event of SusChem Switzerland. 


Welcome and Opening of the Gala
Dr. Alain De Mesmaeker, Syngenta and President of the Swiss Chemical Society
Dr. Matthias Leuenberger, Novartis and President of scienceindustries


Prof. John Warner, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (USA)
«Green Chemistry: The Molecular Mechanisms of Sustainability and Innovation»


Dr. Rafael Cayuela, Dow Chemicals
«The Chemical Industry under the 4th Industrial Revolution»


Panel Discussion

  • John  Warner, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
  • Rafael Cayuela, Dow Chemicals
  • Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, Dow Olympics
  • Martin Vollmer, Clariant
  • Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Syngenta 
  • James Clark, University of York and entrepreneur

Moderator: Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Global Head Sustanabillity, Firmenich


Networking, post panel discussions


End of the evening session

After the symposium we will publish webcast videos of the two lectures and the panel discussion (provided by Klewel)


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Time Exhibitor Booth No Activity
09:00 Swiss Chemical Society A92

Morning coffee and wake-up chat

10:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: flexible and communicative power distribution with bus-bar systems

10:00 VTU Engineering Schweiz AG C233

Live-Demonstration: How Data Analytics Supports an Efficient

10:30 VTU Engineering Schweiz AG C233

Software Live Presentation: Efficient Risk Management with REXS

11:00 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

11:00 Beratherm AG C122

Product Show

11:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Indoor positioning and asset tracking boost
laboratory efficiency

13:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Demand driven HVAC control increases
laboratory safety and energy efficiency

13:30 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

14:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Modular laboratory concept with unbeatable
flexibility and efficiency

14:00 VTU Engineering Schweiz AG C233

Live-Demonstration: How Data Analytics Supports an Efficient

15:00 BWT AQUA AG C142

Live Demonstration AQU@Sense

15:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Digitalization in reality - from a buzz word
to measurable customer benefits

15:30 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

16:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Laboratory needs for the future and
comprehensive answers already today



VTU Engineering Schweiz AG




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