ILMAC and the ILMAC Forum provide the opportunity to exhibitors to present their products and services to a broad audience.

The presentations focus on the scientific innovation with links to more efficient and sustainable procedures and workflows in the chemical and pharmaceutical community or the biotech sector.

Program Tuesday, 24.09.2019: Sustainable Solutions

12.30 Skan AG, Matthias Bittner
«High purity level through short decontamination»
13.00 aconsea gmbh, Sandra Böhme
«New creative Lab - Wege zur Förderung von Kreativität und Agilität im Labor»
13.30 Postnova Analytics Gmbh, Dr. Gerhard Heinzmann
«Electrical Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation coupled with Online Multi-Angle Light Scattering: Advanced Separation and Characterization of Charged and Polarizable Synthetic and Natural Polymers, Nanoparticles and Proteins.»
13.45 Agilent Technologies (Schweiz) AG, Dr. Holger Stalz
«The Next Generation of Quadrupole LC MS Technology – Agilent Ultivo Triple Quad And LC MSD iQ Single Quad Instruments»
14.00 Metrohm Schweiz AG, Nicolas Rühl
«NIR Spektroskopie – A sustainable alternative»
14.15 Erlab, Gaetan Nardone
14.30 IRsweep AG, Florian Eigenmann
«Fast Reaction Monitoring of Curing processes with Dual-Comb Spectroscopy»
14.45 Analytik Jena, Frank Reininghaus
«Determination of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals by ICP-MS and ICP-OES ACCORDING TO USP 232 AND 233»
15.00 LNI Swissgas, Daniel Calabrese
«Innovative solution in terms of Gas Generators for LCMS and GC application»
15.15 Plasmion GmbH, Christine Merkert
«SICRIT Mass Spectrometry: Simple, Smart and Sensitive Upgrade your LC-MS Instrument!»
15.30 Molecular Devices, Johannes Pschorr 
«The SpectraMax i3x Microplate Reader - future proof your research with a platform that evolves with your research»
15.45 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Joachim Weiss 
«Modern Ion Chromatography, less chemicals, less waste, more efficiency»


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Time Exhibitor Booth No Activity
09:00 Swiss Chemical Society A92

Welcome coffee and introduction to the ILMAC Forum Program

10:00 Swiss Chemical Society Experience Area

Popcorn Party

10:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Real flexible Laboratory concepts with plug & play utilities

11:00 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

11:00 Beratherm AG C122

Product Show

11:00 BWT AQUA AG C142

Live Demonstration AQU@Sense

11:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Digital services to boost laboratory performance with guaranteed results

13:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Unique workplace experiences with digital assistants

13:30 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

14:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: LabHub - the unique dashboard for all laboratory KPIs

15:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: High-end safety in laboratories based on fire- and gas- detection

15:30 Agilent E231

Live demonstration – Modular, Flexible, easy to maintain, LC and MS all in one!

16:00 Siemens B220

Live Demonstration: Easy operation and adaptation of all room applications in your laboratory



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