Dr. Max Lüthi Award Ceremony 2019
David Spichiger, SCS Executive Director
Hans Peter Lüthi, Director of the SCS Foundation


Dr. Max Lüthi Award Lecture 2019 (1) as Video Presentation
Ms. Sandra Witschard
«Voxelated Planar Spheroid Tissue Assembly»


Dr. Max Lüthi Award Lecture 2019 (2)
Mr. Ivan Cornu
«Synthesis of New Pinene-Phenanthroline and Pinene-Terpyridine Type Ligands»


About the Dr. Max Lüthi Award 

The Dr. Max Lüthi Award is presented for outstanding degree theses completed in the chemistry department of a Swiss University of Applied Sciences. Nominations must be submitted by the respective chemistry department heads. The prize is awarded annually and is endowed with CHF 1'000 and a medal in bronze.

Past Dr. Max Lüthi Award Winners

  • 2019: Sandra Witschard, ZHAW Wändenswil; Ivan Cornu, HEIA Fribourg
  • 2018: Fabienne Arn, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 2017: Sonia De Andrade, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 2016: Flavio Gall, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 2015: Yvan Mongbanziama, HEIA Fribourg
  • 2014: Yannick Stöferle, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 2013: Peter Elmiger, ZHAW Wädenswil; Christophe Laporte, HEIA Fribourg
  • 2012: Lucie Sägesser, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 2011: Michael Brand, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 2010: Benjamin Otter, FHNW Muttenz
  • 2009: Simon Lang, FHNW Muttenz
  • 2008: Pitt Almendinger, ZHW; Caroline Emery, Haute Ecole Valaisanne and Washington State University; Daniel Mesitschek, HEIA Freiburg and Hochschule Offenburg
  • 2007: Ludovic Gremaud, HEIA Freiburg
  • 2006: Simon Lobsiger; Stefan Koller
  • 2004: Cédric Clivaz
  • 2003: Benoît Dubray
  • 2002: Juan Luis Naveira; Samuel Rentsch
  • 2001: Christiane Höfelein
  • 2000: Pascal Beer; Thomas Roth
  • 1999: Stefan Furrer; Olivier Vorlet
  • 1998: Thomas L. Mindt
  • 1996: Gottfried Blaser; Michel Houmard; Roger Mazotti
  • 1995: Fabrice Greutert; Alexandre Krattinger; Roland Schürmann
  • 1994: Daniel Gloor; Cyril Jeannet; Sam Derrer
  • 1993: Stefan Lutz; Christoph Wyss
  • 1992: Christian R. Hinderling; Marc E. Pfeifer; David Reichenbach



13.00-13.15: Schweizerischer Verband diplomierter Chemiker FH (SVC)


Vorstellung des Schweizerischen Verbands diplomierter Chemiker FH (SVC)
Letizia Infanti, Yves Santa Eugenia, Membres du comité


Lunch, Networking